English 8: what we did in class

11 Dec

Due Monday Nov 7:  a diary entry from the point of view of any character.

Make sure to discuss events and details from the novel. However, you can be creative and extend the events.

Week of Nov. 7, 2011:  Chapters 8-10; practiced taking notes for summaries; reader responses & sketches of dog-bats, the grub/maggot cocoon, the Other Father grub;

Nov. 17:  Finished Coraline in class today (summary notes, reader response).

Finished Self-Assessment forms in preparation for conferences next week with Ms. Tong

For next week:  please bring supplies and materials to begin working in class on the Collage and the Creative Response novel projects. You will be working on your projects while Ms. Tong meets with everyone individually to discuss the self-assessments for this term. We will watch the movie the following week (for our film review wrap-up.)

Nov. 21, Nov. 23: Work on your final projects (art piece and creative writing piece).

Due at the beginning of class on Tuesday Nov. 29th

Nov. 29:  Final Coraline projects were due today at the beginning of class. Some students didn’t meet the deadline. Get your work in to me ASAP — you’ve already had last week’s periods to work on them.

This week, we are watching the movie and making notes on what we like/don’t like/major differences. The follow-up assignment next week will be to write a movie review. We’ll do that in class on Monday.

Dec. 9 Today, we continued with the movie reviews. Everyone read over the peer feedback, filled out a Feedback Log to summarize comments, revised and wrote a good copy, and filled out a Movie review self eval final copy. Due at end of period.


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