Macbeth – Group Project Details (Oct. 26)

11 Dec

Inquiry (Group) Projects

Things to Do on Wed. Oct. 26 (lab/library time)

  • Macbeth Inquiry Projects (Groups of 6)


    • to research related topics (website, videos, online databases, books, etc)

    • to document good (and discarded) sources you come across by using online tools

    • to create an online research log (to demonstrate your website evaluation skills)

    • to practice presentation skills by sharing the information with the class

    Things to Do

    ✔ Start saving links by ADDING & SHARING TO GROUP as you research online

    ✔ For variety, include good and bad links (to demonstrate your website evaluation skills)

    ✔ Remember to add comments and opinions regarding the links saved to your Diigo group page (Go into your GROUP, click “Comment” after the links). 

    ✔ Familiarize yourself with Diigo so that you can save links and add comments (eg. Download the diigo bookmarker if you are researching at home; download the Android/iPhone app (“Power Note”); have another web window open in the lab so that you can ADD links onto your diigo group page, etc)

    Two or Three Required Products (due by your presentation date)

    • Diigo Group Page listing good and bad links and your comments on the links (this is the research log)

    • Group Presentation: select information to share with the class in a group presentation; (Eg. create a powerpoint/prezi/poster; use multimedia; talk, etc); Make it interesting and try to involve the class, if possible.

    • Bibliography (use online bibliography generators such as www.easybib.comor Export/maintain bibliography on a Google Word Doc and share it with Ms. Tong

    Assessment: group mark based on Diigo Group research log; bibliography (if applicable), and presentation.

  • Presentation Date


    Thurs. Nov.9

    Group 1: The Curse

    Thurs. Nov. 17

    Group 2: Blexicans+Kai

    Fri. Dec. 9

    Group 3: Dream Team

    Thurs. Dec. 1

    Group 4: Psychokiller

    Wed. Dec. 7

    Group 5: Team CLG


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