Planning 10: Assignment: Self-Portrait (was due Nov. 24th)

11 Dec

Assignment: Self-Portrait (after quizzes)

After you finish your online quizzes, Ms. Tong can email you the summary reports of your results so that you have possible words/phrases/ideas to get you started.

***This assignment was introduced in class on Nov. 10***

Activity:  Use the results to create a self-portrait.

Your self-portrait will describe you based on what you know and what you learned in the quizzes about your:

  • abilities
  • values
  • characteristics
  • personality traits
  • strengths

How will this self-portrait look like?

The final product should be one of these, or inspired by one of these options:

Final Step:  Present / display your self-portrait (date: possibly Nov. 24)

Bring a back-up on USB in case there are internet problems.

Estimated Timeline / Steps:

  • Finish quizzes in one or two periods
  • Work on self-portrait in in class when you are done the quizzes. Learn how to use one of the online tool. Look over your quiz results. Choose which items to include so that your portrait feels complete and paints a picture of you. (And spend some time on it for homework if you didn’t finish enough in class to meet the deadline.)
  • Present your self-portrait on Nov. 24

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