Fri. Feb. 24: Planning 10

24 Feb

Two handouts today:

Needs wants priorities

Needs: these are necessities, something required and essential for life

Wants: these are extras — things you wish for, but not essential to live

Spending falls under three categories:

Priority 1: items essential for healthy living (food, clothing, shelter, basic transportation)

Priority 2: items important, but not absolutely essential for daily living (further education/training, entertainment)

Priority 3: items that are not important nor essential for daily survival and healthy living (eg, the latest trends, luxuries)

And a related scenario to read (handout given).

We had two more careers presentations today.

Mr. Wilmann also met with students regarding the progress of the MYP Projects. Spring break will be a good time to finish the bulk of the project, so that you are ready to hand it in for assessment before the MYP Fair.

HOMEWORK REMINDER:  keep track of everything you spend money on over the next three or four days. Bring your list to class on Tuesday.


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