May 15 – English 11

15 May

Discussion today was about reactions to the ending of the novel.

**In class essay next week:  we’ll schedule two classes to work on this final essay for English 11 — one class to brainstorm, plan and draft. A second class to revise. Due at the end of the second class.**

After, the class formed groups of 4 or 5 to work on a Lord of the Flies talk show

Each group will need:

– 1 talk show host who will ask questions and make sure the episode flows smoothly

– 4 actors to represent characters from the novel

– a name for the talk show

Talk shows must:

-include questions which allow the characters to show their personality

-refer to details from the story

-allow all group members to speak

-appear rehearsed

Talk shows may:

-include dead characters

-additional supplemental information that is believable and still true to the story

-include a variety of questions (doesn’t have to be related to the story)

-anything else to inform and entertain the audience

Logistics:  class time today and part of next class to prepare and rehearse

Presentation Date:  end of next class (Thurs. May 17)

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