Wed. Oct. 10 – English 11

10 Oct

-homework collected (reader response #1)

-reviewed literary terms related to CHARACTER
-please get the notes from a classmate because you will need the info for the next reader response;

-focused on an excerpt from the novel that discusses Chaos Theory (p. 74-75) -Chaos Theory originated as an attempt to predict weather;
-Linear vs. Non-Linear equations (example of three variables of cannon ball, angle, speed; but if you reduce the weather to three simple variables, there are many changes that will affect the outcome of the bigger system, so it’s unpredictable) -Newtonian physics says you can predict these things;
-But Malcolm says you must factor in all the minor details of the variables involved -Therefore, these little things add up, which affect the outcome of calculation

Homework Reading:
Section 5 (pp 111-134)

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