Fri. Oct. 12 – English 11

12 Oct

Block A and B was assigned the following Reader Response #2 topic. Block H will get this topic on Monday.

In sections 1, 2, and 3, the reader is introduced to six major characters.
There are significant differences between the movie and novel versions of these characters.
Select 3 characters from the list (at least 2 must be major characters, 1 can be a minor character) and note similarities and differences with specific references from the text and movie. (physical and personality)
If you were the director of the film, how would you choose to portray these characters. Explain your reasoning.

Allan Grant
Ellie Sattler
(pp. 31 onwards)

John Hammond (p. 58 onwards)

Ian Malcolm (p. 71 onwards)

Tim Murphy
Lex Murphy
(p. 92 onwards)

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