Wed. Feb. 20 – Comm 11 (1-3)

20 Feb

Homework due today: questions from “A Secret for Two”

Today in class, we read “August Heat”.
It’s related to Macbeth because it also has ideas about predictions. If people really believe in predictions, does that make them act a certain way to make the predictions come true? Can they change the predicted future?

After we read the story, there was class time to work on the following:

Identify the:
conflict type(s)

Take a Closer Look questions 1-5 (on handout)
Let’s Get Involved: question 1 (write an ending to the story.)
Suggested length: about 1 side of a page, double spaced (probably 1-2 paragraphs.

Homework due next class and the ending will be marked.

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