Homework for today

27 Mar

Hi everyone!

The two English 9 classes aren’t quite synced-up, so today’s notes are specific to each block.

1) (2-2 only)  Finished watching Speak.

Homework assignment:  write a one-paragraph response to the movie. Discuss which version you like more (book or movie), and why. Be specific and give examples from the movie and book to explain your opinion.

(2-1)  Your review is due today since we finished the movie last class.

2) Begin The Maze Runner novel.

Handouts — novel overview, vocabulary log sheet (use this to record 10 slang words used by the residents of The Glade, and try to figure out the meaning based on how they use the slang in the novel.) The vocab logsheet won’t be due until halfway through the novel.

(2-2 and 2-1) Finish Chapters 1-3 for Tuesday, and answer the reading questions, too. (separate blog entry)


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