Reading and questions for homework

8 May

Please read ch. 49-52 (pp. 302-319) for homework and answer these questions (note form answers are fine.)

1. What are three things that Thomas found out about the boys, their lives, and/or the creators? (p. 303)

2. Imagine you are one of the Gladers listening to Thomas near the end of chapter 49. How would you respond to everything he has revealed?

3. If Thomas is correct about what he suggests at the end of ch. 50, what does it show about the Creators? (Hint — this is a two-part question — first, identify what Thomas’ idea is, and then try to guess why the Creators would want the Gladers to do that).

4. Who confesses to burning the maps? What is the excuse?

5. What plan does Thomas suggest to get around the Grievers during the escape attempt? Why does he think it will work?

6. How does Newt react to this plan of Thomas’?


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