Homework and Quote Response due Thursday May 14

12 May

This is assigned for a due date of THURSDAY MAY 14.

For homework, please read chapters 53-56 and write a quote response.

Tips on preparing your quote response:

  • While you are (re)reading chapters 53-56, pay attention to any sentences/passages that make you stop and think about earlier points/events/actions from the novel.
  • Anything that catches your attention is probably a good possibility for a quote response.

Format for your Quote Response:

A)  First Paragraph

  • Provide the quote (use quotation marks and supply the page number)
  • Summarize what is happening in that scene (this provides context).

B)  Second Paragraph (yes, Eric Deau, you’ll probably need two paragraphs to do this properly!)

Go into detail about your chosen quote by discussing a couple of these possible angles:

  • explain what the quote means for the action and/or characters,
  • connect the ideas in the quote to earlier points in the novel,
  • discuss what the quote reminds you of or makes you think of,
  • use the quote to analyse the character and what he/she is like,
  • connect the quote to actions in the story,
  • use the quote to make predictions and/or talk about what it might be foreshadowing,
  • And anything else that your quote makes you think about, in connection to the story and characters.

Feel free to handwrite your response OR type it up and then upload it to your English 9 course page on Schoology. (You’ll need to log in, click on the MATERIALS link, and look for the Chapter 5 3-56 Quote Response assignment. There should be an option to upload your assignment.)


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