Maze Runner Symbol Speeches — some helpful info

29 May

Just a few points to help you with planning your speech for Tuesday…

-Length:  approximately 3 minutes (speaking slowly will help). You may use cue-cards to help remind you of your points and examples.

-Write-up: remember to do a write-up about your choice of object and how it connects to the novel. This write-up can be handwritten or typed. It can also be your speech as well.

  1. Describe your object.
  2. Explain how it is related to an aspect of the story.
  3. Describe examples from the story to give evidence and justify your object.
  4. Convince us with details and examples that it is a worthy symbol of the story.

Your symbol should represent an aspect of the story such as:  one of the themes/messages, a character, an important choice or decision, a conflict, etc.

**I will bring my iPad so that images can be projected (if it’s not possible/safe/ethical to bring your object in!)**

And don’t forget — Thursday is costume day! Bonus marks for those who show effort. 🙂


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