English 8

10 Sep

Hi Grade 8s,

The only homework today — finish your survey questions, if you didn’t have a chance to complete them in class. Due on Monday.

Here are the questions, just in case:

English 8 Student Survey Name: _______________________ Block ___

1. What is the name of your old elementary school?

2. What was your favorite subject in grade 7? Why?

3. What was the hardest thing about grade 7 Language Arts? (For example, doing homework, writing

assignments, oral presentations, understanding stories)

4. What is the easiest part of grade 7 Language Arts?

5. What novels did you study in class during grade 7?

6. What was the last book you read for fun?

7. What did you do during summer vacation?

8. Do you have any siblings at Windermere? If yes, what grade?

9. What do you usually do after school and on weekends?

10. What scares you/worries you about high school?


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