English 10 (2-4) Questions to begin in class. Ch 6-10

6 Oct

I’ll give time in class, but please finish for homework if you get behind.

Ch 6

  1. What is the difference between being brave and being reckless?
  2. Why is the word “stiff” slang for people belonging to Abnegation?
  3. How does a new name remake a person?

Ch. 7

  1. Do you think it’s fair to evaluate the Dauntless-born and the transfers using the same criteria?
  2. What happens to Dauntless initiates who do not rank in the top 10?

Ch. 8

  1. How does Dauntless define cowardice?
  2. How does Dauntless eradicate cowardice?
  3. What does Tris’ new tattoo mean?

Ch 9 & 10

  1. Why do you think Dauntless has girl/boy fights?

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