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February update on courses

11 Feb

We’re more than halfway through the school year — hard to believe it’s already February.

Here’s an update on what the classes are doing:

English 8: Norse Mythology


We are reading about the different characters and their adventures from Viking myths such as Thor, Loki, Odin, Freya, and the Valkyries. The midyear exam last month focused on grammar and writing a three-paragraph essay (or the very least, a long paragraph with an intro-body section-and conclusion).

English 10: The Giver


We finished Divergent, wrote the midyear exam (which was essentially a practice provincial exam), and the jumped right back into dystopian worlds by starting The Giver by Lois Lowry. There will be more in-class writing assignments with this novel unit, compared to Divergent, in order to practice finish essays within a time limit. I was planning to read The Giver with my grade 9s last year, but we ran out of time, so we’re squeezing it into Grade 10.

English 12: Paper Towns and allusions projects


Students will be doing presentations of common allusions in literature to practice oral presentation skills. We’re also starting a new novel called Paper Towns by John Green. Lots of giggles and snickers when I read aloud the first two chapters. It should be fun.


English 10 Questions to begin in class Ch. 6-10 (1-4)

5 Oct

I’ll give time in class, but please finish for homework if you get behind.

Ch 6

  1. What is the difference between being brave and being reckless?
  2. Why is the word “stiff” slang for people belonging to Abnegation?
  3. How does a new name remake a person?

Ch. 7

  1. Do you think it’s fair to evaluate the Dauntless-born and the transfers using the same criteria?
  2. What happens to Dauntless initiates who do not rank in the top 10?

Ch. 8

  1. How does Dauntless define cowardice?
  2. How does Dauntless eradicate cowardice?
  3. What does Tris’ new tattoo mean?

Ch 9 & 10

  1. Why do you think Dauntless has girl/boy fights?

English 10 Vocab List for Ch. 6-10

5 Oct

Chapter 6-10 Vocabulary Words to Know  

Quiz Date:   2-4 Tues. Oct. 13  /   1-4 Wed. Oct 14 

  1. dissipate
  2. scandalous
  3. hysterical
  4. descending
  5. conspicuously
  6. chasm
  7. extravagance
  8. eradicate
  9. intimidate
  10. allocate
  11. reprieve
  12. exploit
  13. writhe
  14. peripheral

English 10: Faction brochure/poster project

3 Oct

Hi Grade 10s,

Here is a MS Word document with the project details.

You will choose one faction from the novel to feature in your project.

DUE the first class with me after Thanksgiving long weekend.


English 10 (1-4)

1 Oct

Vocab quiz today!

Then, time in class for reading.

Homework: finish Chapters 6-10 for Monday, please.

Schoology Access Codes

29 Sep

Here are the access codes for classes to sign-up on my Schoology page.

English 12 (2-1)  RFG2K-C69M7

English 12 (2-2) Q5CHF-5BV88

English 10 (2-4)  GF5TG-N6RGD

When I start using Schoology to record your grades, I’ll send home the following schoology consent form.

English 10: Divergent Ch.1-5 reading comprehension questions

23 Sep

Time in class today to:

-finish reading Chapters 1-5

-work on the following questions (finish for homework)

-work on your vocabulary definitions

Chapter 1

  1. Why don’t members of Beatrice’s faction celebrate birthdays?
  2. If Beatrice chooses another faction, what will happen to her relationship with her family?
  3. Why have Beatrice and the other members of her faction recently been experiencing harassment at school?
  4. What quality is most valued by members of the Dauntless faction?

Chapter 2

  1. Why do mainly members of the Abnegation faction administer the aptitude tests at Beatrice’s school?
  2. During the aptitude test, what is Beatrice asked to choose between?
  3. How does Beatrice handle the angry dog in her simulation?
  4. When Beatrice is on the bus and is being questioned by the angry man, which does she choose: telling the truth or lying?

Chapter 3

  1. Which two factions are ruled out by Beatrice’s aptitude test?
  2. What is the term for someone like Beatrice who receives an inconclusive test?
  3. Why does Beatrice have trouble living the Abnegation lifestyle?
  4. What kind of work do the factionless perform for society?

Chapter 4

  1. What excuse does Beatrice give Caleb for having left the aptitude testing without him?
  2. What types of jobs do most members of Abnegation have?
  3. What faction does Beatrice’s father refer to as “arrogant” and “self-righteous”?
  4. What happened to Marcus’ son, Tobias?

Chapter 5

  1. Which of the two factions is Beatrice struggling to choose between?
  2. How do they symbolically demonstrate their choice during the Choosing Ceremony?
  3. According to Marcus’ speech, why were five factions originally formed?
  4. What startling choice does Caleb make?
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