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February update on courses

11 Feb

We’re more than halfway through the school year — hard to believe it’s already February.

Here’s an update on what the classes are doing:

English 8: Norse Mythology


We are reading about the different characters and their adventures from Viking myths such as Thor, Loki, Odin, Freya, and the Valkyries. The midyear exam last month focused on grammar and writing a three-paragraph essay (or the very least, a long paragraph with an intro-body section-and conclusion).

English 10: The Giver


We finished Divergent, wrote the midyear exam (which was essentially a practice provincial exam), and the jumped right back into dystopian worlds by starting The Giver by Lois Lowry. There will be more in-class writing assignments with this novel unit, compared to Divergent, in order to practice finish essays within a time limit. I was planning to read The Giver with my grade 9s last year, but we ran out of time, so we’re squeezing it into Grade 10.

English 12: Paper Towns and allusions projects


Students will be doing presentations of common allusions in literature to practice oral presentation skills. We’re also starting a new novel called Paper Towns by John Green. Lots of giggles and snickers when I read aloud the first two chapters. It should be fun.


Gatsby Final Project

8 Oct

Today was a reading and log day, but near the end of the class, I assigned a Gatsby Connections Assignment, due on Monday Oct. 19th.

I also handed back your movie notes. You’ll definitely find some related ideas in your sections on theme and questions.

English 12 today

2 Oct

We continued with viewing The Great Gatsby and adding to the note-taking page.

No homework!

Schoology Access Codes

29 Sep

Here are the access codes for classes to sign-up on my Schoology page.

English 12 (2-1)  RFG2K-C69M7

English 12 (2-2) Q5CHF-5BV88

English 10 (2-4)  GF5TG-N6RGD

When I start using Schoology to record your grades, I’ll send home the following schoology consent form.

English 12: Midnight in Manhattan documentary

28 Sep

DUE today:  Bucket List assignments!

We went over the grammar worksheet from last week.

Then we watched a BBC documentary called The Great Gatsby: Midnight in Manhattan.  See below for the documentary online.

While watching, the note-taking categories were:

-Facts about sales of The Great Gatsby at F. Scott Fitzgerald’s death, compared to today

-About the 1920s

-About New York City

About F. Scott Fitzgerald (the author)

-About married life with Zelda

-About the story and the characters in the novel (Jay Gatsby, Daisy)

-About possible themes and messages in the story

Please hang on to your notes. I’ll collect them at a later date for marks.

English 12 (2-1, 2-2)

24 Sep

Hi Grade 12s,

Here’s what we did in class today —

WORKSHEET on the Sentence Errors handout from last class (finish for homework);

-Work on Bucket List assignment (due Monday)

Have a great long weekend! See you Monday (Day 2 again).

English 12

22 Sep

Handout:  Common Sentence Errors

Latest:  The Bucket List Assignment. Deadline:  Monday Sept. 28.

If you were absent, extras are available in the wire basket at the back of the classroom, in the Eng 12 folder.

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