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Fri. March 1 — Goodbye until next year!

1 Mar

Hi everyone,

Thanks again for your hard work and positive attitudes this year. Today is my last day of teaching…time for me to get ready to have this baby!

I’ll try to drop by in term 3 to say hello, but if I don’t make it in for a visit with the baby — have a great term 3 and summer, and I’ll see everyone again next school year!!

-Ms. Tong


Thurs. Feb. 28 – Comm 11

28 Feb

We went over the homework from last class and then everyone met with Ms. Tong to go over marks for Term 2.

Have a good term 3! I’ll see everyone next year when I return!

Tuesday Feb. 26 – Comm 11

26 Feb

We marked the homework from last class on “Louisa, Please Come Home”.

Today, we looked at two short stories:

“Thank you, ma’am”


“Action Hero”.

Both are about a similar type of event, but the endings are very different.

Please finish the questions in class or for homework.

*Change in plans for Thursday:  Mr. Greenshields will not be doing course planning on Thursday – he will visit next week to go over the forms.

Fri. Feb. 22 – Comm 11

22 Feb

Homework due today: questions for “August Heat” and your one-paragraph ending to the story.

We read our next short story today: “Louisa, Please Come Home”. The homework is to answer all the questions.
Then choose 1 topic from page 63 “Thinking More About the Story” and write a one-paragraph response.

Due next period.

Wed. Feb. 20 – Comm 11 (1-3)

20 Feb

Homework due today: questions from “A Secret for Two”

Today in class, we read “August Heat”.
It’s related to Macbeth because it also has ideas about predictions. If people really believe in predictions, does that make them act a certain way to make the predictions come true? Can they change the predicted future?

After we read the story, there was class time to work on the following:

Identify the:
conflict type(s)

Take a Closer Look questions 1-5 (on handout)
Let’s Get Involved: question 1 (write an ending to the story.)
Suggested length: about 1 side of a page, double spaced (probably 1-2 paragraphs.

Homework due next class and the ending will be marked.

Mon. Feb. 18 – Comm 11

18 Feb

Today we finished the last of the notes on story terms.

Then we read our first short story. There was about 20 minutes at the end of class to work on questions 1-5, and then I added question 6 (which is to identify the protagonist, antogonist, setting, point of view and conflict type).

The responses to questions are due next class.



Thurs. Feb. 14 – Comm 11

14 Feb

Today we continued with our notes on story terms.

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