English 10: Faction brochure/poster project

3 Oct

Hi Grade 10s,

Here is a MS Word document with the project details.

You will choose one faction from the novel to feature in your project.

DUE the first class with me after Thanksgiving long weekend.



Eng 10 (2-4)

2 Oct

vocab test today!

homework: please read ch. 6-10 for Monday.

have a great weekend!

English 12 today

2 Oct

We continued with viewing The Great Gatsby and adding to the note-taking page.

No homework!

English 10 (1-4)

1 Oct

Vocab quiz today!

Then, time in class for reading.

Homework: finish Chapters 6-10 for Monday, please.

Eng 10 (2-4)

30 Sep

Time in class to work on the Faction poster project.

Vocab quiz on Friday!

Schoology Access Codes

29 Sep

Here are the access codes for classes to sign-up on my Schoology page.

English 12 (2-1)  RFG2K-C69M7

English 12 (2-2) Q5CHF-5BV88

English 10 (2-4)  GF5TG-N6RGD

When I start using Schoology to record your grades, I’ll send home the following schoology consent form.

English 10 (*2-4*)

28 Sep

Today’s class:

-go over the homework questions

-factions quiz

-New project:  poster/brochure assignment. I’ll give time on Wednesday for everyone to work/get organized/do some planning.

DUE Tues. Oct 13.

ASSIGNMENT DETAILS ARE ON SCHOOLOGY.com. Register with this access code for Eng 10 (2-4) GF5TG-N6RGD.

**Reminder:  vocab quiz on Friday Oct. 2nd

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