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Fri. March 1 — Goodbye until next year!

1 Mar

Hi everyone,

Thanks again for your hard work and positive attitudes this year. Today is my last day of teaching…time for me to get ready to have this baby!

I’ll try to drop by in term 3 to say hello, but if I don’t make it in for a visit with the baby — have a great term 3 and summer, and I’ll see everyone again next school year!!

-Ms. Tong


Thurs. Feb. 28 – English 11 (1-1, 1-2)

28 Feb

We finished screening the documentary today and followed-up with questions in small groups.

For further information, links and updates are available on the Oceanic Preservation Society’s website:

Thanks for all your hard work this year. I’ll see everyone next year when I’m back!

-Ms. Tong

Thurs. Feb. 21 – English 11 (2-4)

21 Feb

We began screening our second documentary. I ran out of time to hand back your critiques — will do this next class.

No viewing questions for this one — just keep track of documentary techniques used, and any weaknesses you notice.


Wed. Feb. 20 – English 11 (1-1, 1-2)

20 Feb

Two things on today’s agenda:
Self-Evaluation of Work Habits (form to be filled out and handed back to Ms. Tong)

Writing assignment:

Write a critique of the documentary. What was the directory trying to achieve with the film? How do the documentary techniques help or hinder the message(s)? Overall, what did you think of the film and the way it was directed? Length: 1 page
Due at the end of class.

-use your viewing guide notes and the techniques chart for examples -organize your response (beginning, middle, end)


Tues. Feb. 19 – English 11 (2-4)

19 Feb

We finished watching the documentary today and wrote an in-class critique.

Mon. Feb. 18 – English 11 (1-1, 1-2)

18 Feb

We finished the documentary today and had some time to share reactions to the topic, and to how the filmmaker presented the ideas.


Fri. Feb. 15 – English 11 (2-4)

16 Feb

We watched a little bit more of the documentary today and worked on the viewing questions/observations about techniques used.

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