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Final projects due this Friday

8 Jun

The Maze Runner — title page and quote responses

I’ll supply some blank paper in class (the standard paper size — 8.5×11) if anyone needs a sheet. Try to fit your three quotes onto the title page if you can. The responses should be on a separate page.

I’ll be marking these harder, so spend some time to revise and proofread your writing and to make sure the title page is neat.

We’ll have time in class on Wednesday to work on them some more, so ask questions if you are unsure!

HOMEWORK DUE TODAY:  vocabulary logs (10 words)


Costume Day on Thursday!!!

2 Jun

Bonus marks for effort in coming to class as something/someone from The Maze Runner!

Maze Runner Symbol Speeches — some helpful info

29 May

Just a few points to help you with planning your speech for Tuesday…

-Length:  approximately 3 minutes (speaking slowly will help). You may use cue-cards to help remind you of your points and examples.

-Write-up: remember to do a write-up about your choice of object and how it connects to the novel. This write-up can be handwritten or typed. It can also be your speech as well.

  1. Describe your object.
  2. Explain how it is related to an aspect of the story.
  3. Describe examples from the story to give evidence and justify your object.
  4. Convince us with details and examples that it is a worthy symbol of the story.

Your symbol should represent an aspect of the story such as:  one of the themes/messages, a character, an important choice or decision, a conflict, etc.

**I will bring my iPad so that images can be projected (if it’s not possible/safe/ethical to bring your object in!)**

And don’t forget — Thursday is costume day! Bonus marks for those who show effort. 🙂

Bumping the post about the Maze Runner speeches

26 May

Final assignments for The Maze Runner.

Here is a pdf of the handouts —

Maze Runner Book Final Assignments

Speeches are happening next week!  June 2 (and 4th). A write-up is part of this speech assignment.

I think I scared everyone with today’s announcements!

Due today:  Quote response (please type up and upload via Schoology if you can. If not, then bring a hard copy on Tuesday.)

Homework: please read Chapters 57-60 (pp. 342-364). No questions. We’ll read aloud the final chapters next week to end the book together!

English 9 today

21 May

Hi everyone,

Hi everyone,

I’m away today, but here is the plan for what to do. Please message me (leave a comment here or PM me on schoology) if you have any questions and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Today’s class will be devoted to working on the Talk Show presentations. You’ll have all period to work with your group members to flesh out the script and rehearse.

On Monday, we’ll see everyone’s talk shows!

To do:  One per group — please upload to Schoology a list of your talk show characters (and group members) and the questions you’ll be asking. I’ll be the only who will see this list, so your talk show will still be a surprise to the rest of the class. Here is a link to the Schoology page. Or launch it from your app on your phone. Or ask if you can use the computer.

Homework due by Monday May 25:  please remember to add a comment to this blog with your reaction to the ending of The Maze Runner. The post is here…. [[click here]]]

Thanks everyone. See you Monday!

What were your reactions to the ending of The Maze Runner?

19 May

Hey grade 9s,

In today’s class, we FINISHED The Maze Runner.


Please scroll all the way to the bottom of this post, and add a comment.

In your comment:  Describe your reaction to the ending, and any thoughts you have on the story. Did any of your predictions come true? What do you think comes next for the Gladers? (Obviously, no spoilers if you’ve read ahead to the next book(s)!)

(BTW, after the Acknowledgements page on 375, there is an excerpt from book #2 — The Scorch Trials).

If you have a Vancouver Pubic Library card, you can place a hold for book #2 and you’ll get an email when it’s ready for you to pick-up.  Click here to place a hold using your VPL card.

If you’re curious, the trailer to the Scorch Trials movie was released today:

Maze Runner Talk Shows

19 May

Groups of 5: 1 Host, 4 characters

The Host needs to: introduce the name of your talk show, introduce each character, ask the questions, and make sure the talk show flows smoothly.

The Actors: will answer 4-5 questions each

Include a variety of questions, and try your best to include questions that start with:

  • Why do think,
  • What were you thinking when,
  • How did it feel,
  • What was going through your mind

Most of the questions should focus on events throughout the novel (not just from the ending, please).

 As a group, here are the steps:

  1. Assign roles and come up with a talk show name.
  2. Together as a group: generate questions for each character.
  3. Select 4 or 5 of the best questions for each character to answer.
  4. Work together on a rough script (each actor should probably write down their answers, even in note form). The actors can talk to each other, too, since some of them are friends in the Glade.
  5. Practice the talk show a few times so that it runs smoothly and everyone knows what he/she is going to say/do. (The host can have a script, and if the actors want to discreetly check notes before they speak, that’ll be fine.)


Today (Tuesday May 19): form groups, select scenes to ask questions about, generate questions and begin thinking of responses

Thursday (May 21): fine-tune the script, the order of questions, and practice the talk show several times. **Hand in character list and list of questions by end of Thursday’s period.

Monday May 25: present talk shows

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